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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It Would All Go Belly Up If Was Ill!

I have been suffering with lower left back pain for about 3 weeks now. I began then feeling quite rough on Sunday, as more symptoms showed I realised I probably had a urine infection...deep joy! I hot footed down the docs on Monday and yes infection was confirmed and handed a prescription for anti-biotics. Having been well for many years and not even bought a prescription I couldn't believe it was £7.40!!!

Anyway after about 2 lots of anti-biotics I began to feel so much better. So yesterday I hared around as usual, horses, work, gardening, cooking a steak pie, stripping the beds etc etc and then last night symptoms back and worse. So today I am taking it easy and drinking pints of water to flush this "bladdy" infection through.

It has however made me realise how much I do and many other working mums with animals actually have to do on a daily basis. Honestly, if I got laid up in hospital it would all go belly up in this household and I'm sure I am not alone on that one. We do so much and sometimes we do all these jobs because your better off doing the job properly yourself rather than explaining it 68 times to a teenager! 

We need to slow down a bit and take a little restful times for ourselves. Easier said than done though.Why do I feel a bit guilty if I sit down and watch telly for an hour, or read a book. I'm always thinking, I must sort those emails, I must clean the toilet, I must get to the bank, I must do the food shopping......the list goes on. Anyway I have got to go to the Post Office in a minute to send a parcel, but I promise after that I will sit down!

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