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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cats - Who Would Have Them?!

This Is Dizzee 
Why oh why have I got 3 cats!! They drive me mad! I get lured by the lovely cute fluffy kittens, and all of my cats have come from my so called friends. When any of friends have any kittens, I pop round for a cuppa to a have a look and then these words come out "ok, yes I'll have one!". Why do I say it?! Anyway these bundles of cute fluff turn into hunting, leaving fur and grit everywhere, eat smelly cat food and scratch too much machines. I don't want to add up what I spend on wormers and flea treatments for them. I know, I know this is part of being  a "pet owner"
Yesterday at 5.45am I had to rescue Dizzee who had jumped out of the bathroom window and was then stuck on the ledge. After alot of tugging and pulling I managed to drag him back in. Not yet 10 minutes later he has somehow jumped in the passenger seat of Stephens van. He only noticed when he was about to pull out of the drive he had a furry passenger! Dizzee was run over about 2 months ago. Luckily the women who stopped to pick him up was a Reiki Healer and healed him back to life. I rushed him to the vets as he looked like he was going snuff it any minute. Got the vet to see him (out of hours, yes oodles of £££) and the minute he got onto the examination table, he seemed to miraculously recover, purring and then jumping off the table....over £200 that little trip out cost me....... The other two seem to just eat and sleep and shed hair and dusty grit everywhere. The best thing I love is them sleeping on the dining room table (note picture below), which I hasten to add they would never do when I'm around, they just rule the house at night doing whatever they like.  It's great when you go and eat your dinner there and the table is covered in grit and grey fur! Delightful! Blue is allergic to flea bites and after numerous vet visits they think the only answer is monthly steroid jabs. No thanks, tea tree oil and homeopathic tablets does the job more than efficiently. There is a story about Blue in her younger days but if I tell here on the world wide web, I would have the police called in under the "Dangerous Cat Act"!
This is Jinx the nervous wreck of a cat that constantly gets harassed by the other two. She comes through the cat flap commando style with the fear of being pounced on by Blue and Dizzee. She is a lovely cat, with a very short tail (as per pic). We think she was run over, her tail being the brunt of it and again after numerous expensive visits to the vets, it eventually fell off!! I hope I have not put you off buying that fluffy kitten - I actually do love having them around and they are real characters. Must go, got to clean the work top again from muddy footprints, and give another poor mouse that has been mutilated a decent burial...in the bin!

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