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Monday, 29 August 2011

Without Dad, But It Is Getting Better


I had my family over yesterday for a get together and some food. I can honestly say for the first time in two years, the family get together felt "right" again since we lost dad nearly two years ago. Since he died, whenever we had a get together, there was just a gaping hole and it didn't feel right with him not being there and the atmosphere was completely different. Yesterday, although we miss him dearly I think we have only now got used to the fact that he is not there anymore and that has taken two years. Mum came out with some stories about him back in his prime to do with drinking, pubs and more, but I'll leave the details within the family! Did make me laugh though, and that's what it should be now, his memory should bring smiles to our faces. As the old saying says - you never get over a death of a loved one, you just learn to with it. Very, very true.
The psychic side of me though did smile when I was sitting opposite mum and my auntie on the settee in the bay window, and behind my mum, a little white feather just slowly floated down behind her outside. To me, that is a sign that he was with us, to the skeptics a pigeons flew over and flapped a feather off! Well I have found feathers in the most oddest places, and again if it makes me feel better, that's the main thing....

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  1. I hope to reach that place too - my special sign is a rainbow or a robin; silly, but comforting x