Diary of an Equine Mum

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Saying Goodbye As More Friends Hop to Oz

I am absolutely knackered.com..... Very busy few days with baking and organising the cricket tea, running around the boys, drinks last night with the girls and riding lesson this morning. I have not long been in from the manic hour of feeding 25 hungry cricketers - it must of been OK as it looked like a plague of locusts went through the food in about 20 mins and then they were all gone. Just crumbs and empty tea cups everywhere!
I'm off out again tonight to say goodbye to some friends that I have known quite a while who are upping sticks and heading for Australia (western I think) to start a new life. Some great friends of ours, A&N, did exactly the same nearly ten years ago and have settled easily to the Australian way of life and I am sure they cannot imagine being back in old Blighty again..... Massive decision to make and I wish Jason, Louisa and their family all the best wishes in their new life down under. I am sure that it will be a very emotional night for them later, saying goodbye.... 
Must go now, the Nigella in me is calling me back to the kitchen, got to make a lemon cheesecake now as the family are over tomorrow afternoon for more food!


  1. gosh, I remember those emotions ( 11(!) years ago) !

    the thing I am most excited about is that the more of your mates who move here, the more excuses you have to come & visit! ;) x

  2. Is it 11 years ago!! Yes this is a good thing. Just waiting to be able to leave the boys here on their own which isn't too long now and we are on our way! There is talk about Billy doing a season in Oz re: cricket too....watch this space x