Diary of an Equine Mum

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Oh No! I've Got To Do The Cricket Teas!

As I've managed to escape doing the cricket teas all summer so far, I thought I had made it with September and the end of the season on our doorstep. I have kept my quiet little head down as no one has yet asked me to do the cricket teas....until last Sunday. Billy came home and said that yes it's our turn - deep joy! Don't be fooled by the picture posted above, this is probably how I wish the cricket tea would turn out...but it won't. I've got such a hectic weekend ahead - I've got a night out on Friday night, drinking and gossiping with my girlies friends and then I have a riding lesson on Saturday morning, and then a party on Saturday night and then family round on Sunday! Just when am I going to fit in making a cricket tea for 25 men..... Do I make my own cakes or call on Dr Oetker? What sandwich fillings do I go for? Stephen I think is hoping for coronation chicken and smoked salmon, I was thinking more cheese and pickle and egg mayonnaise. So I have to produce this amazing spread this weekend and then serve it to the two teams on Saturday afternoon and then clear it all up - I cannot wait.......


  1. Deffo do egg mayo, they always get eaten and ham with mustard mayo. Or just refuse and tell your husband/sons if they want to play cricket then they can make the bloody teas. That would be my answer.

  2. ugh! the cricket tea nightmare! I remember it well Sammy! I feel your pain.... ;)

  3. Absolutely Nov - I remember quite clearly our marathon butter spreading, egg mayoing and cake making......hence my utter excitement at doing it again tomorrow xx