Diary of an Equine Mum

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Lunch In The Searing Sunshine!

I had Jo, Jac and Sally round for lunch today. We used always get together in the holidays with the kids and go swimming, picnic in the park or just go round to each others houses while the kids trashed it! Anyway those days seem to have to have disappeared as our teenage kids are now making their own plans for the school holidays, which doesn't include their mums! So I decided to have a nice civilised lunch and the weather was searing hot today - 26 deg with not a cloud in the sky. 
I decided to cook something quite quick and easy and did the Jamie Olivers "Jools Pregnant Pasta" which was very simple to make. It was nice to use sausage meat for a change as we seem to live on mince in this house. I did a cheesecake for pudding, a recipe from Sue and what a foolproof pudding. Again very simple to make and just yummy...... Can't keep my spoon away from it!
It was lovely to catch up and have a moan. We are now talking about hitting the beach next week. Lets hope the sunshine stays :D Happy days x


  1. yum! I wish I could pop round for lunch too x

  2. I so wish you could too xxx