Diary of an Equine Mum

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Lunch and Lunch and Lunch

How can I complain about my dwindling bank balance and expanding waistline when I've been out to eat three days on the trot! On Tuesday night I was with my supa dupa friends Ju and Paula for a catch up. We went to Cafe Rasoi in Heathfield for a curry. Chicken Tikka and Sag Ponir, my favourite! Great to see them as always and catch up with whats going on. Yesterday I had lunch at The Star at Waldron with more supa dupa friends Jo, Jac and Sally. Had an antipasti board which is another favourite. It was lovely and sunny so we grabbed some coffees and then sat outside in the gardens. We never seem to be lost for words and chatted for hours. Today I have been out with another lot of supa dupa friends, Gail who I see alot but today was bit of a reunion. I got together with Collette and Doreen who I worked with nearly 16 years ago at Goldwell. We lost touch over the years but through Facebook have got in contact again. Anyway we finally managed to get together after all these years and had lunch in Prezzo in Eastbourne. Again we chatted for hours catching up over the last 16 years and what we have been doing with our lives. We reminisced about our Goldwell days gossiping with who we used to work with. It was lovely to see them again (over my mushroom risotto!) and we have said we will get together again before Christmas. Tomorrow starts a fruit detox I think and thank the lord I get paid next week!

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