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Friday, 19 August 2011

Looking Younger Than You Are - I Wish!

My boys favourite tv programme The Inbetweeners has had the movie version released this week. They have been so looking forward to going and I wondered what was going to happen with the age certificate situation. The film is a 15 - I have Billy who is nearly 16 who probably does look younger but he is tall and I have Miles that's just 14 who looks about 17! Miles and his two mates (also 14) went along on Thursday night to see the film and walked straight into the cinema without anyone questioning their age. Billy went with his mate and two girls today down to Eastbourne who are all 15 some 16 shortly and they were all refused entry. Billy has had this before on 15 film. Even though the tickets had been pre-bought and he reeled his date of birth off, the cinema was having none of it. Poor Billy, he was gutted...again.
So I am going to have to sort out some ID for him as this appears to be bit of a problem. I know he won't appreciate being told this but oh to look younger than your years is a marvellous thing....
especially when you are 40 something!

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