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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Riots

Well I watched in puzzled shock at the horrifying images from London last night in the grip of these awful riots. Billy travelled up to Harrow school yesterday to play cricket against them. Wasn't too worried about it but then heard on the news last night spreading west into Ealing and then Harrow train station shut down. Got a text from Billy and he does know what was going on. He main moan was not the riots but the food was horrible and the bed was too hard! Oh well Billy only one night to put up with it. He won the game against the straw boaters yesterday and has another game today. He then has to travel across London to get home. I think he has an interesting journey ahead.
I cannot repeat what Stephens solution is to stop this rioting. Its probably not deemed to be politically correct. Such bladdy mindless idiots....and I'm being polite!

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