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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Dressage - To Be Or Not To Be....

Well as per normal I have to have some sort of drama around my much loved hobby!  After last year having a poorly horse with sarcoids and a horrible hoof abscess,I am now having saddle situations! (Yes very expensive situations...) To cut a very long boring story short, after having fortnightly lessons, my schooling has been affected with my very straight cut dressage saddle. After trying some different saddles, buying some off EBay,I am still no further forward and still have my saddle. My saddle fits me and Zeb, it just puts my leg in the wrong position. I've now decided to have work done on my saddle including some major re flocking and some knee rolls added to it.  One of the stirrup bars has also broken so on Monday I hot footed to my lovely local saddle fitter to sort. Time is of the essence as Zeb is meant to be at a local  low key dressage comp on Sunday. Anyway, my saddle is still in bits...four bits to be precise...
So this morning I'm off down the yard to decide what to do. My friends daughter Becky is hoping to ride and we may have to swap around saddles in order for him to go. If its too tight time wise, then I think he will not go. We shall see!

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