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Friday, 12 August 2011

Blast In The Woods


Me, Sue and Bev have all bought passes to ride in Mayfield Woods recently. Bev and Sue have been a couple of times and ridden over there already. Today Bev had to work in the surgery, so early this morning me and Sue got the trailer ready and boxed up to Mayfield with Flik and Shamus. (Zeb hasn't got a pass for the woods which is to do with insurance, but I wont bore you with that story!)
We parked in Southmead and then dodged the nippy traffic and lorries which are on those lanes. Well once we hit the woodland, Flik, bless him couldn't contain his excitement and Sue had a mini fight on her hands! We did a couple of canters and gallops up hill and I lost sight of Sue each time as she was going so fast. Lucky Shamus is a bit more steady and takes it a little easier up those hills. It was lovely and quiet in the woods. Funny that I started taking up riding again because I used to ride Shamus in those woods when he lived at Rhondas all those years ago.
The last canter was very windey, rutty and fairly narrow in places. Poor Sue had Flik dancing and prancing and then an explosion of legs and she was gone. Shamus was fast in places, came back to trot when asked and then galloped to the end where I found a startled Sue. She said she nearly came off as Flik slipped and with that we decided to make our way back to the trailer. Well I say we jogged and hopped all the way back to the trailer, as they were so full of it and covered in sweat!
We were absolutely knackered when we got back, it really is an exhausting trip out!

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