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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

One Year To Go!

So we are one year away from the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics in London. Can't believe 5 years has flown by since they announced it.... that's probably an age thing! Stephen applied for many tickets from athletics, swimming, basketball, boxing and I asked for a measley 2 tickets to the eventing. We were "lucky" to get 8 tickets for the Olympics, 4 for boxing and 4 for basketball..joy! Not too sure I will be attending those events and we have given these tickets to the boys to go. The basketball is on Miles 15th birthday next year so that will be a great birthday trip. In Trafalgar Square tonight there is a one year party going on so I think we are in for a year of hype ahead of us. I remember my dad being excited about the Olympics coming to London, he sadly is not here to see all the fuss that is going on. It has reminded me of our holiday in Wales in 2008 when the Beijing Olympics was on and dad was glued to the telly watching it in the mornings. I think I'll go and see his grave today......

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