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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Miles 14th Birthday Dinner

Its Miles 14th Birthday today. My god time has flown. As it was a lovely day and we were all feeling knackered from partying last night, we decided to just stay local and go for a pub lunch. Me, Billy and Miles had a lovely meal but as per normal Stephen our live in food critic still had a grumble about his dish. He always picks the "duff" meal on the menu. He had cod on a bed of crushed potato with spinach which looked ok to me but no, apparently it was fairly inedible. (Although he still managed to clear the plate!) I can count probably on one hand in the 20 years we have been together of a time where he has genuinely enjoyed his meal and thought it was good value for money. I told him that trouble is he is spoilt, as he gets such good home cooked food and that's why he is always disappointed when he eats out. I'm just grateful that I haven't had to cook and wash up! Anyway my "Gun Burger" was lovely and considering the place was packed, they cant be doing too bad so I would say definitely go along and try The Gun at Chiddingly!

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