Diary of an Equine Mum

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Gave My Own Riding Lesson

I was expecting to have my riding lesson this morning and my instructor didnt turn, up which is not like her. Sue who normally has a lesson after me cancelled hers so I imagine cross wires. Anyway I went in the school and did my own lesson. Its was very hot and lots of horse flies (joy). After a battle of wills for 15 mins, we both started to make some headway and got 20 mins of some decent schooling and Zeb listening to me. I have tried to stop nagging him as he did become quite dead to my leg. So I ask once, and if no response he gets a tap of the whip. This is now working....wish I could use this in life, ask once and if no response a little smack!! I am of course joking! 
Off to Sally's 40th Birthday party round two tonight. Such a super day weather wise - it couldn't be better :0)

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