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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Did Dad Come Through?

I went with some friends last night to a psychic medium evening in Eastbourne. There was probably about 30 people there in the function room above Bibendums. Sammie (the medium) started by saying how properly bizarre this was, sitting above a busy pub on a Wednesday night talking to dead people. As a great believer, I was going with it and knew it would be fascinating. You had to put a picture of a loved one (who has passed on) in a sealed envelope which went into a bag with all the others. Imagine my shock when she picked the picture of dad as the first one! Very accurate and its alot to take in. She was saying I have a J name (my sister) then an A name, being Alice or Alison (my granny and my cousin). Then she she said he was with David (his brother). She explained very clearly about the chaos that was going on in the family and then described the front of my house, with the hallway and then into the room with pictures on the left. She said he liked the pictures now. Bizarrely I have a family "rougues" gallery on that wall as have recently changed the picture with many of my much missed dad.
I found it very emotional but very comforting. It wasn't upsetting at all. If it was, I wouldn't go. My dad did not believe in of this at all...... When you lose someone so loved, it really all you have but left and memories. My friends, Jo, Sandra, Sharon and Kelly all had pretty spot on readings. There was also other people in the room that we knew of and the ones that they had lost too. 
Very fascinating and I hope my dad is around me all the time. I feel he is. I went to his grave yesterday and popped some yellow roses for him and had a chat. If only there was a telephone line to heaven .........

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