Diary of an Equine Mum

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Miles 14th Birthday Dinner

Its Miles 14th Birthday today. My god time has flown. As it was a lovely day and we were all feeling knackered from partying last night, we decided to just stay local and go for a pub lunch. Me, Billy and Miles had a lovely meal but as per normal Stephen our live in food critic still had a grumble about his dish. He always picks the "duff" meal on the menu. He had cod on a bed of crushed potato with spinach which looked ok to me but no, apparently it was fairly inedible. (Although he still managed to clear the plate!) I can count probably on one hand in the 20 years we have been together of a time where he has genuinely enjoyed his meal and thought it was good value for money. I told him that trouble is he is spoilt, as he gets such good home cooked food and that's why he is always disappointed when he eats out. I'm just grateful that I haven't had to cook and wash up! Anyway my "Gun Burger" was lovely and considering the place was packed, they cant be doing too bad so I would say definitely go along and try The Gun at Chiddingly!

Sally's 40th Birthday - Round Two!

Well I am feeling a little fragile this morning after celebrating a fab party last night for Sallys 40th and her families milestones. It was a lovely summers evening with lots of drink, food and a yummy spit roast. My boys came along with many of their friends too all camping in the woods. Dread to think what went on! We all danced into the night to The Big Kahunas which was great with friends invading the stage. A ruddy good night...missed Jo B though, I had a gin for you! :0)

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Gave My Own Riding Lesson

I was expecting to have my riding lesson this morning and my instructor didnt turn, up which is not like her. Sue who normally has a lesson after me cancelled hers so I imagine cross wires. Anyway I went in the school and did my own lesson. Its was very hot and lots of horse flies (joy). After a battle of wills for 15 mins, we both started to make some headway and got 20 mins of some decent schooling and Zeb listening to me. I have tried to stop nagging him as he did become quite dead to my leg. So I ask once, and if no response he gets a tap of the whip. This is now working....wish I could use this in life, ask once and if no response a little smack!! I am of course joking! 
Off to Sally's 40th Birthday party round two tonight. Such a super day weather wise - it couldn't be better :0)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Did Dad Come Through?

I went with some friends last night to a psychic medium evening in Eastbourne. There was probably about 30 people there in the function room above Bibendums. Sammie (the medium) started by saying how properly bizarre this was, sitting above a busy pub on a Wednesday night talking to dead people. As a great believer, I was going with it and knew it would be fascinating. You had to put a picture of a loved one (who has passed on) in a sealed envelope which went into a bag with all the others. Imagine my shock when she picked the picture of dad as the first one! Very accurate and its alot to take in. She was saying I have a J name (my sister) then an A name, being Alice or Alison (my granny and my cousin). Then she she said he was with David (his brother). She explained very clearly about the chaos that was going on in the family and then described the front of my house, with the hallway and then into the room with pictures on the left. She said he liked the pictures now. Bizarrely I have a family "rougues" gallery on that wall as have recently changed the picture with many of my much missed dad.
I found it very emotional but very comforting. It wasn't upsetting at all. If it was, I wouldn't go. My dad did not believe in of this at all...... When you lose someone so loved, it really all you have but left and memories. My friends, Jo, Sandra, Sharon and Kelly all had pretty spot on readings. There was also other people in the room that we knew of and the ones that they had lost too. 
Very fascinating and I hope my dad is around me all the time. I feel he is. I went to his grave yesterday and popped some yellow roses for him and had a chat. If only there was a telephone line to heaven .........

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

One Year To Go!

So we are one year away from the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics in London. Can't believe 5 years has flown by since they announced it.... that's probably an age thing! Stephen applied for many tickets from athletics, swimming, basketball, boxing and I asked for a measley 2 tickets to the eventing. We were "lucky" to get 8 tickets for the Olympics, 4 for boxing and 4 for basketball..joy! Not too sure I will be attending those events and we have given these tickets to the boys to go. The basketball is on Miles 15th birthday next year so that will be a great birthday trip. In Trafalgar Square tonight there is a one year party going on so I think we are in for a year of hype ahead of us. I remember my dad being excited about the Olympics coming to London, he sadly is not here to see all the fuss that is going on. It has reminded me of our holiday in Wales in 2008 when the Beijing Olympics was on and dad was glued to the telly watching it in the mornings. I think I'll go and see his grave today......

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Loving Pala

Just keep loving Friendly Fires album - Pala. Keep playing it all the time, this is my summer 2011 album that will remind me of this time of year. Have listen if you haven't!      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OswTmc2bZYQ

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Amy Whinehouse RIP

Its been a very sad day today with news of the Norwegian massacre. I just couldn't take in what had happened! I was also gutted to hear about the death of Amy Winehouse. I was a great fan of her music and her style. I never tire of listening to her albums. So tragic, very sad day in every respect ................ :0(


Friday, 22 July 2011

Weird Week

Its been a tricky week for some of my family and friends this week. A dear friend of mine lost her dear Granny this week together with her daughter being ill in hospital. Then my sister had a hospital stint with infection after having her third baby a few weeks ago. Then today, where I keep my horses there has been alot of petty aggro from the lady over the road moaning about dustbins and not parking near her land. Some people just need to realise what is important in life and if that is all she has to worry about - then lucky her!  Rant over.......

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Brilliant Riding Lesson

After having my fortnightly riding lesson cancelled on Saturday, we dodged the monsoon like showers and I managed to have my lesson last night. I have had Zeb 7 years but with no school just hacking out and we were lucky enough to have a school put in last year where I keep him. I've been having regular lessons since March which came as a nasty shock how shocking my proper riding was! Anyway I seem to be making headway now and last night had a fantastic lesson with Zeb floating around the school. Its very exhausting so hats off to all these dressage riders but its really rewarding. I'm off to do some dressage at the end of August so lots of work with this in the next 6 weeks!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Rain :0(

Just seen the weather for this week and lots and lots of rain. I've always said July and August are notoriously bad weather. The boys are on their last week at school and break up on Friday at 1pm. I will then have 6 weeks of my bank being constantly drained and the car will be racking up mileage as my other occupation as a taxi driver comes in force! The difference now is that I don't have to come up with daily entertainment, they sort their own social life out which is weird now. I'm not needed as their entertainment officer anymore...... Changing times X

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sally's 40th Birthday

Had a fab night last night celebrating the last of many 40ths of my friends over the last 6 weeks. Had lots of champers and cheese last night with great friends. Highlight of the night was the boys disagreement over the how level a bird table was! Ade said if that was level he would jump in the koi pond - so spirit levels came out and it was level. hats off to Ade he jumped straight in there which was hilarious! We lit some Chinese lanterns and watched them flow into the sky which was lovely. A few rouge ones hit the hedge but no fire engine was needed. Great night with great friends - love you all xxxx

Friday, 15 July 2011

Kent County Show

Just got back from a tiring but fab time around Kent County Show. Massive show with lots to see! I was very careful with my purchases which amounted to some tomato bread and three blocks of cheese, chilli, ginger and cranberries - yum! Stephen treated me to a furry Russian deputy dog hats for a laugh - you wait that snow won't come now this winter as I'm now well prepared.... We went with Andy and Gail and was lovely to spend the day with them. Had to dash back as Billy has gone off to play cricket for Herstmonceux and the highlight of my Friday night is....food shopping. A wet and rainy weekend is predicted so cricket could be off. We shall see x

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Spoilt Day - Hair and Lunch!

I had a day off from the horses today. After mad running around dropping the boys at school, car off for a service I managed to get to my hair appointment by 9am. Highlights, root colour and deep chocolate underneath, my silver tabby look has gone - hurrah! Then I dashed off to have lunch with my two old buddies Gail and Janet. Janet cooked us a super lunch with Jamie Olivers Ham and Spinach Tart which was delish with raspberry and lemon curd fool for pud.  It was so nice to sit outside looking over the fields and have a good old catch up! After another dash home it was back to the garage to part with nearly £300 for the car service...... joy! So all in all a treat of a day.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Daniel Craig is in town!

Hot news in Heathfield today - Daniel Craig and Rachel Wiez are in town. Rachel is apparently shooting an advert for L'Oreal and using a cottage nearby for the shoot. Catering has been set up at Heathfield Cricket Club - my husband Stephen is very worried that he might be papp'd later as he will probably be mistaken for the star whilst cricket training....yeah right!

Schooling is grueling!

Just got in from schooling Zeb for half an hour - and that's the best part of me finished for the day! He is great though and a very giving horse just so lazy. However probably better to be like that I suppose than bucking and tanking around the school, so shouldn't moan!

First Post

After years of keeping a diary, I have had a 16 year break to bring up my two teenage boys and fitting in work and having my horse at the same time! Life is slowly becoming back to some of my time again with my boys becoming more independent. I have a lovely 16 year old Belgium Warmblood which takes up alot of my time and thought it would be great to log our antics, together with my boys, family, friends, my work and my animals. So here goes.....